Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sorry saya tak metal la..

When SOME PEOPLE think they're rockstar and good enough, they will judge other people from appearance aspect and style. Please respect others and be professional. We're in the same scene same fervour. 

*lepas ni kena tukar gambar fb ganas-ganas la baru nampak metal ._.

Monday, 3 October 2011


*nak pergi taknak nak pergi taknak nak pergi taknak nak pergi taknak =\

Krash Out 2011 @ MCPA Hall (18 Sept)

Thanks for those helping me to stage dive especially Muz and Rainy sampai aku terbelit kt wayar microphone (2.22-2.26). First time masuk MCPA yg kt bawah tu. Stage punya lah tinggi 
Apa-apa pun Crossfaith best ^_^
*kredit to uploader